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Cherish Human Resources


e-mail timesheets to: 


To get your payroll information either:

Download the Sage HR app

go to 

Enter your name and the email address that Cherish has on file for you.
Select a password.

The program will have you verify your email with a code.

You're all set. (this is the one for Europe but it works the same as the USA.


Payroll Schedule - Cherish attempts to provide you reminders if possible.
If you do not get your timesheets to the office by the due date you will be paid the next pay period.

2023 Payroll Schedule

2024 Payroll Schedule


Sick and Safe Time Request Form (for direct care staff - not PCA Choice)


PTO Request Form for PCA Choice


HHA Missed Time Form

If there is an error in your HHA, you must complete this form and turn it in to the Cherish office to be paid.  If you miss the payroll cutoff date you will be paid on the next payroll date.  *notice - EVV is required.  missed time sheets do not have the GPS stamp required by MN DHS.  MN DHS tracks billing with missed GPS and may prompt a fraud investigation by SIRS.  Missed time sheets should be the exception.

DHS Live In Caregiver EVV requirements



Employee Direct Deposit Form
Cherish recommends you use direct deposit for your checks - we cannot be responsible for the timeliness of the US Mail




Employees may receive a copy of their IRS Form 1095-C upon request using the contact information at the top of this page.

 2024 Cherish Healthcare Letter
Cherish mails or emails qualifiying employees a letter each September - You must respond to obtain insurance.  If you have questions you may contact the Cherish office at any time (218) 263-9000


 Cherish does not have a group for health insurance coverage, however we offer Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements


Employee Wage and Benefit Notice

Medical Assistance: Covers low-income Minnesotans, including children and pregnant women, as well as people with disabilities. There is no monthly premium. Enrollment is available year-round. 
Minnesota Care: covers lower income Minnesotans who aren't eligible for Medical Assistance.

Cherish will pay the employer shared payment for health insurance for full time qualifying employees. 
Currently the minimum cost to employees is 9.12% of household income for a qualifying plan and will cost more for higher level plans. 
The Minnesota employee average premium is approximately $190 for a qualifying shared cost insurance program, but this depends upon the insurance plan you choose. 
An Insurance Assister can help you with determining what insurance plan is best for you.

An Insurance Navigator can help you to enroll in Minnesota State programs.

Minnesota affordability program assett guide

Insurance Assister Directory
MN sure-certified brokers and navigators provide free enrollment help

 through virtual meetings, phone appointments or in-person meetings.

Open enrollment for 2024 runs Nov. 1 through Jan. 15 for MN Sure

You can enroll year-round if you qualify for Medical Assistance or MinneostaCare.

Information about Minnesota Care

MA or MNCare Estimator Link

Apply for MA or MN Care Link

Combined St Louis County Assistance Form


Information on the PCA enhanced rate
1. You will need to register for training on this link from the link,
2. Then log in from this link ,and then create a new password.

3. Follow the instructions to add your trainings to your e-learner profile.

4. When your training is done submit it to DHS with this link Enhanced Rate Submission to DHS
5.  Finally send the email from DHS that says you qualify for the enhanced rate to Cherish.










Background check disqualification information



PCA Timesheet


PCA Choice Timesheet


Home Management Timesheet



PCA Choice Timesheet 


Generic Office Timesheet


FAX# (218) 263-8336


image of fingerprintFingerprinting Scheduling Link
Fingerprinting Locations



Cherish Policy & Procedure


About how much will you get Paid on your Pay Check?
Link To Paycheck Estimator



What are your worker protection rights?