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Cherish is looking for employees in nearly all locations! 
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Cherish appreciates our program participants and our staff. 
This news is intended to bring to your attention information that could help.


It's almost September - It is annual training time.  You will be receiving a form that MUST be returned in September, and dated after 9/1/2023 but before 9/30/2023.  Please be on the lookout for it in your mail.  It's very important.

Effective 9/10/2023 - Electronic Visit Verification - YOU ARE DOING WELL WITH THE TRANSITION TO EVV - THANK YOU!!!
The state is working with all providers to enable them to be 100% EVV compliant.  The next step - if you use HHA (not if you are exempt because you live with the program participant) and you make a clock in or out error, you must use an employee missed time form to be paid for your shift.  MN DHS says we can't process the changes without a program participant signature on this form.  I have attached the form to this e-mail, QPs are dropping the forms off in homes, and they can be found on our website  Cherish Payroll Forms (

Do not forget the MN payroll rules:  No more than 16 hours of work in a 24 hour period, no more than 40 hours in a week, no more than 310 hours in a calendar month


PCAs will recieve a raise on 1/1/2024.  Other Direct Care workers may also receive a wage increase, but DHS has not provided the specifics yet.  Check back here as Cherish will post the information as it becomes available.


Effective Jan. 1, 2024, Employee Sick and Safe Time (ESST) will begin to accrue at the rate of one hour per 30 hours worked.  You may use time that you have accrued if you are sick, it is not Paid Time Off and it is not paid out when you leave Cherish. Your accrual caps at 48 hours. PCA Choice employees are not covered under this program because the Union Contract covers ESST requirements.  Sick and safe time is paid leave employers must provide to employees in Minnesota that can be used for certain reasons, including when an employee is sick, to care for a sick family member or to seek assistance if an employee or their family member has experienced domestic abuse.  We are assuming that on 1/1/2026 when the Paid Family and Medical Leave act begins through the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Program begins, that the ESST program will end.



You may qualify for a MN DHS retention bonus if you have been working at Cherish for 2 or more years
Follow this link to apply>>>

*Application is fairly simple... you need your 2022 tax return, and your 2022 W2 and your 2021 W2, (you will need to upload these 3 files).  You will need your UMPI number if you are a PCA.  You will be asked what type of services you provided, and you will provide your address, phone number and e-mail address.


Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) direct care workers and traditional personal care assistance (PCA) workers may apply for retention bonus and training stipend grant initiatives

HCBS direct care workers and traditional PCA workers may apply for grant initiatives, including a retention bonus and PCA training stipend. The two initiatives are part of the Legislature-created HCBS grant developed to help attract new direct care workers and keep current employees who provide HCBS services to people with disabilities and older adults. Review the Apply for grant initiatives, including retention bonuses and training stipends AASD and DSD eList announcement for information about the retention bonus and training stipend, including application information. Refer to the HCBS Workforce Development Grant webpage for information about the grant initiatives and legislation.


The 2023 Legislative Session is Complete and an Omnibus Health and Human Services Bill Was Passed
Numerous rate increases are included, such as home care services, home and community-based services, and certain disability waiver services.  A worker retention component is Included for PCA  and language that says the Commissioner of DHS must determine the reimbursement rate for PCA services (which means we don't know what the reimbursement rate will be or how much of an increase Direct Care Providers will recieve yet) Effective 1/1/2024


Also passed was the $260 tax rebate, the $1,750 child tax credit, paid family leave and free student meals.


Human Services Legislation



Some issues that may affect you or those you serve:


DHS extends temporary waiver allowing certain family
members to be paid for providing PCA services




Family Caregivers

On November 11, 2023  Parents of minors and spouses who have been providing PCA services during the COVID-19 emergency will not be able to continue to provide services.  There is an extreme shortage of Direct Care Workers, so an alternative plan for provision of services is not necessarily a viable option.  Parents and Spouses need some direction on what they are to do, as a crisis is quickly approaching. 


Enhanced Waiver rates

Currently PCAs that work for a person receiving more than 10 hours per day of care earn an increased wage.  To qualify for the increase the employee must take the DHS online training,



Have issues with pay or equity between PCA programs - Contact your Minnesota Legislators:


Governor Walz

Governor Walz committed to make Minnesota an age friendly state and announced a PCA wage increase but did not fund it.
Established November as Caregiver month. 
Contact Governor Walz to ask for his fiscal support in increasing PCA wages.

 Contact DHS Commissioner Harperstead - she needs to hear from real people:




IRS Notice 2014-7


If you Live with the person you are providing services for - you could qualify for an income tax exclusion


In January 2014, the IRS issued Notice 2014-7 stating that certain wages earned by employees providing services to individuals on a Medicaid Waiver can be excluded from federal income tax.

 This applies to employees living full time in the home with the Medicaid waiver person they provide services to.

More Information



If you had to pay into State or Federal Income Tax - you may want to change your W4

2023 Form W-4

2023 MN W4


Other assistance programs:


Minnesota benefits


Telephone and Internet assistance programs (mediacom is free):


Child Care Assistance The Minnesota Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) 


Food Shelves


Energy Assistance


Minnesota Power Lower Rate Electricity


Home Weatherization


Home Rehabilitation


Housing Repair Grants Single Family Housing Repair Loans & Grants in Minnesota | Rural Development (


Home Ownership


MNSURE Application Assistance


Adult Education


Social Security and Social Security Disabilty


Veterans Benefits


Veterans Health and Disability




Bridge To Benefits


Help Me Connect

Application for St Louis County benefits


Annual training is coming up.  Packets will be arriving right around Sept 1, 2023