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Cherish is a fingerprint site

Idemia - IdentoGo

People needing fingerprints can use the Identogo online appointment scheduling

Identogo scheduling is from 8:30 - 11:30 Weekdays (except for holidays)



Cherish can also schedule your fingerprinting
You must have valid identification
AND the email that has the verification number from your employer


Call Cherish to schedule a fingerprint appointment
(218) 263-9000

image of fingerprint

Cherish is located in the Lees Central Business Center
next door to Lux Fitness
(the Old Hibbing Vocational Technical College)

2900 E Beltline Suite #8
Hibbing MN  55746


In most cases, background studies are initiated and submitted for the study subject by the affiliated entity.

You will recieve an email with a fingerprint number which you will have to provide to Cherish.

  • State law requires background study subjects to be fingerprinted and photographed.
  • Study subjects will need to complete an online pre-enrollment process and schedule an appointment for a fingerprinting and photo session. 
  • Fingerprint and photo sites are located throughout the state.
  • The cost for fingerprinting and photography is $9.50.
  • An acceptable form of identification is required.
  • The fingerprint and photo process should take about five-to-10 minutes and is completed by a trained technician. 
  • Fingerprint images are transmitted through a secure system to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) and in some cases when required by law, the fingerprints are also transmitted securely to the FBI for a criminal record search. 
  • Criminal history results are sent to DHS.