Caring for the caregiver

Recent Legislation allows for a temporary rate increase for direct support workers (PCAs) to respond to COVID-19.

The Rate increase for PCAs will be in effect for hours worked between December 1, 2020 and February 7, 2021.

The legislative increase to the reimbursement rate is $.37 per PCA Unit billed or $1.48 per hour.



80% of this increase must go to PCA wages and benefits (payroll taxes, Workers Compensation and Unemployment Insurance.

 80% is an increase of $.99 per hour ($.19 payroll expense)



Cherish management has determined that we would like to provide employees with more than the minimum and give it all.

Cherish will increase the temporary COVID wage increase and pay $1.25 per hour during this time.




We greatly appreciate you.


Nicole, Tracy & Kim